About Missional Communities

a network of missional communities in multiple locations

Water's Edge is a Network of Missional Communities

     [A movement of groups  (of 10 – 50 people)]
+ [encouraging adventurous, bold living]
+ [day to day hearing from and serving Jesus]

= Missional Communities

We love people. We believe Jesus is ready to change life as we know it.
We share a passion to live as disciples who change the world and work on it together as Jesus leads us. Current locations are in Baltimore, MD and Norfolk, VA.

Together is better.

About Our Gatherings

What our 'Living Room' is About

Our 'Living Room' Space is About Life

When: Tuesdays*
Time: 6:45 pm
Location: check our calendar for this week’s location, or email for directions

We join others in our ‘Living Room’ Space for dinner, authentic conversation, deep questions …  and sometimes rip-roaring laughter! We meet in people’s homes, at restaurants, and on the docks of marinas.

The Living Room is about our life matching our lips and Jesus’s heart – as a family cheering each other on!

Being a larger ‘Family’ on mission.