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Easter’s coming! Woot!

Rain or Shine!

Come down the main dock. You’ll see our greeters, Robin & Paul, helping you through the dock gate so you’ll know where to go.

If it’s raining, Rich Morton has graciously offered his houseboat topside pavilion for cover. Dress the weather and join some sunshine, whether it’s sunny out or not!

Brian Prechtl

Brian Prechtl

Brian Prechtl will be leading our music and you’re going to love him!

Of course, he won’t be dressed so formally! 😆

Don’t forget to bring a lawn chair!!

If you want to be here to help with set-up, we can use some extra hands beginning around 6:30 am in the marina parking lot.

Otherwise, you’ll smell the coffee and hear the band warming up about 7:15 am. Come on down the docks baby!

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Coming Down the River to a Boat/Place Near You!

Get Crazy Love!

I just realized y’all could take that “Crazy Love” idea to a whole new level! 😎

So, here’s the real deal! We are looking for boats or homes to host a small group of 4 – 8 other people for a 6 week study journey in “Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God”! It’s a video and discussion about loving God so passionately that the you and your world changes – based on the Crazy Love of God.

Here are a few statements the author of this video series makes:

  • You’ve probably heard the expression “I believe in God, just not organized religion.” I don’t think people would say that if the church truly lived like we are called to live.
  • We have an inaccurate view of God. We see Him as a benevolent Being who is satisfied when people manage to fit Him into their lives in some small way.
  • We will address life in the crux of who God is. Come with me on this journey. I don’t promise it will be painless. Change, as we all know, is uncomfortable.
  • It is important that we not measure our spiritual health by the people around us, who are pretty much like us.
  • It may seem a hopeless endeavor, to gaze at the invisible God.
  • It’s easy to think about today as just another day. But there is nothing normal about today.

Get spiritual this Spring. Let us know if you want to get in on a group too.

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St. Patrick: A Warrior.

Fells Point on St. Patrick's Day

Fells Point on St. Patrick's Day

Patrick was young, captured, put on a ship and sent to Ireland … as a slave. We celebrate Patrick as if green beer  or the stuff of Ireland is what made Patrick worthy of honoring. (There is nothing wrong with green beer or celebrating Ireland! It’s just not why we celebrate Patrick!)

What is so amazing about Patrick is that when he was freed from slavery, he became a Priest in the Catholic Church, and ASKED TO RETURN TO IRELAND. His heart saw something beyond people who enslaved others. He heard a call – to spread the words of  Jesus into a pretty hostile territory. The people came to honor Patrick for his steadfast love for them … and for Christ.

Here is a prayer Patrick is accredited with writing, a warrior for Christ. (more…)

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Bowling – What fun!

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Debbie NEEDS our help.

We met Debbie a few months ago and have seen how hard she works. Working full-time at a local Baltimore laundromat, she always has a smile for you! She is one of the reasons I choose to use that particular place.

But the other day, one of our group noticed she wasn’t smiling. She broke down into tears. That’s not Debbie. “You’re in terrible shape, Debbie. What is going on?” As she shared her struggle, our friend knew it was time for our group to action on her behalf. Sometimes you just need someone else in your corner, and Debbie needs all of us right now.

She, and her 16 year old son, will be homeless as of January 26th, 2011 unless we can come up with rent and utility money for her.

Let me tell you why she’s in this predicament. She is a single mom, raising a 16 year old son, and not receiving the court-appointed support. She works hard, full-time, but for minimal pay. None of our group has ever seen anything from Debbie other than exceptional character, love for people, hard work, and honesty. She has just been squeaking by the best she can.

So many times you don’t know if the person you are helping is “scamming” you. This is a case where you know you are helping a real person in a tough situation.

Please prayerfully consider helping out Debbie. You can do that by giving through an account set-up for assisting people at Water’s Edge. It is all tax deductible.

  • Steps to take for the online system
    1. To pay online with your checking account, login to Pender UMC’s payment option.
    2. Click on the offering plate image.
    3. Set-up an account, if you don’t have one.
    4. After you have set-up your account, you’ll see a dropdown box (which says “unified budget”).
    5. You’ll need to select in that box the MISCELLANEOUS OFFERING.
    6. Type in “WATER’S EDGE PARTNERSHIP, for Debbie” … OR IT WON’T GO TO THIS!
    7. We need this posted no later than January 25th.
  • Steps to take for mailing a check
  1. Write your check, made payable to Pender UMC, and put in the memo line “Water’s Edge, for Debbie”
  2. Mail the check to Water’s Edge Partnership, 1001 Fell St., Baltimore, MD 21231
  3. Drop our pastor an email to let us know it’s coming, so we know whether we’ve gotten enough money for Debbie. (sandy(at)watersedgepartnership.org)
  4. Remember we need money received on or before January 25th.
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