100 N. Glover St. Block Party – Meet a Neighbor!

Jenny and Ross Townsend of N. Glover St. and leaders with Water’s Edge Partnership want neighbors to know neighbors! Be friends. Know who to call on! Get the kids together for some fun!

Bring out your favorite eats to share, enjoy games with the kids, make new friends and put a smile on someone else’s face! […]

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Craig and Loren are Helping Refugees

Craig & Loren backpacking last yearOur friends Craig and Loren, former leaders with Water’s Edge (Craig was the former pastor of Mt. Vernon Place UMC) have landed in one place. After a year of backpacking, seeing Asia, and helping with various poverty projects, they have chosen to […]

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Why connect neighbors this week?

This is just one perspective on why a major focus of who we are is about connecting neighbors together.

We believe compassion and extraordinary life can only happen when neighbors are connected together.

Let me share a story about distributing food to those who need – this next upcoming week.

This weekend we are getting […]

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Why this problem in Baltimore?

Hi all. So, yes, Baltimore has some issues.

Three big questions are being asked around town that I’ve heard.

  1. When will violence against African American people stop?
  2. What’s the sense in this violence of looting and harm?
  3. What can I do that’s helpful?

The answers to all of these questions are complex. Ugh.

If you talk with African American friends, they […]

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City Uprising

cityuprisingWe’ll be starting early, on June 26th, with a group of teens here from Pender United Methodist Church, feeding the homeless, cleaning parks, addressing human trafficking, and helping the elderly.

June 27 – 30th is the official City Uprising dates,  when many organizations and Christians work together to […]

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