Join us for Upcoming Gatherings and Events.

If you feel like you need more information about something, give us a holler via Email or call the church office, 410-563-7250.

Join us for our ‘Living Room’ Gathering

[Tuesdays] 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm

  • Locations vary; Check the calendar to the Right.
  • Expect a Family atmosphere; often in someone’s ‘living room’ but sometimes outside, or in a local restaurant.
  • All ages – from young 20’s to older 70’s – i.e. we’re multi-generational.
  • We start with Dinner and conversation about happenings and general life around the table.
  • Endings after Dinner varies, with sometimes
    • a topical discussion (recently the discussion was around ways people find that help them stay centered and non-anxious for example)
    • a Bible teaching
    • a discussion about needs in the neighborhood/city and ways we might address them
    • prayer and encouragement
    • pure fun and party time
    • worship music and singing
  • We believe we are better together than we are alone

100 N. Glover St. Block Party – Meet a Neighbor!

Jenny and Ross Townsend of N. Glover St. and leaders with Water’s Edge Partnership want neighbors to know neighbors! Be friends. Know who to call on! Get the kids together for some fun!

Bring out your favorite eats to share, enjoy games with the kids, make new friends and put a smile on someone else’s face! LIVE MUSIC!

The party is happening under the tents and along the block between 101 N. Glover and 139 N. Glover on Sunday, June 26th from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

If you’d like to help set up the tents for shade, games and picnic area – show up around 8 am on the 26th. Share the news with a friend!

Update: June 27, 2016

Some pics from the Party – what fun!!


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Tuesdays are our “Gathering” night in Baltimore.

We gather for friends, food and talking about faith. You’re always invited, and we always have people who have never been with us before. Currently, we’re dreaming! Who do we know who has skills in training others to get jobs (hint: everyone has a skill)? Recently, we’ve been considering opening a facility to help folks in Baltimore find the job training and connection to employers they need – along with a worship space. WE NEED YOU!

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