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Tuesdays, 6:45 pm – 8:15 pm

Meeting in homes, clubrooms or out on the street, TBA in the gathering time.

How can you get the location?

1. Text “Directions for This Week’s Gathering” with your name to 443-424-7798.

2. Send an email message ( or call the office, 410-563-7250.


Stay tuned.

What happens at a Gathering?

We are a diverse group in almost every aspect you can think of! We almost always start with Dinner together. Gatherings typically include between 10 and 20 people currently. We expect to allow the group to grow up to about 50 people.

You’ll hear us talk about practicing a rhythm of Up, In, and Out. This is what balances us between loving each other, with also reaching out and loving others in the community. The weeks we are focusing upon Up and In, you would experience some singing and scripture and discussion. When we’re focusing Out, we will be working together on helping the community in an intentional way. Some Gatherings are pure fun – from watching sunsets to bike riding to going out for a sail!