Give Now

What you give … really makes an impact!

Every dollar opens doors and extends the love of Jesus to someone who needs it.

It’s Simple! Here’s how …

If you want to specifically give to a particular community (Baltimore or Norfolk), you can do so by selecting that account. Otherwise, money is deposited into a general account which is used by all of the Water’s Edge communities as needed!

By check: Send a check made out to Water’s Edge Partnership, 2400 Boston St., Suite 102 (c/o Vircity), Baltimore, MD 21224 or online here.

By Debit/Check card or Write an Online CheckHere

Need further instructions? Click here.

Schedule a Periodic Gift:  Go to our online banking portal here.

Water’s Edge believes in extending the love of Jesus with as little overhead as possible.

*You can see our 2016 Working Budget here.

There are many ways to give to God’s movement.

1. Give time. Volunteer and help us keep staffing expenses to a minimum! Office help, hospitality greeters, or coffee/drink makers are always needed!
2. Give space. Share your office or store front space with us. Perhaps we can be of benefit to each other. For example, you need people to make your place look attractive and busy. WE’ve got people. Or you need volunteers for hospitality at an event or special night. Or you need someone to hand out flyers! We keep your expenses low too.
3. Give a special skill. Share pictures. Share a skill to help a family out. Write an impacting piece about where your faith is going. Are you a good bookkeeper? Do you like writing? Would you enjoy helping us with social media or the website?
4. Give a prayer for our livelihood and that we would help people.
5. Give money so that we serve God to the best of our abilities.

About Online Giving Services:

  • We use Easy Tithe who maintains the highest security and safety standards in the industry. It is safer than writing a check.
  • Timing. You are able to set-up a recurring donation however you’d like (quarterly, weekly, monthly). Or you can give one time to sporadically.
  • You may cancel or suspend an ongoing donation at any time, by calling us … or if you have set-up a profile online, you may login with your password to complete this activity yourself.
  • Convenience and Stability. We know a growing number of people take care of most bills and transactions online today. Why? Because it’s convenient and secure. And, you help us maintain a stable influx of funds for ministry by using an online means of giving.
  • You are not required to create a profile but it is recommended you do. You may return, login, and view your gifts and when they were made. You will always have a record of giving at your fingertips whenever you need it.
  • It costs us a minimal amount of money, per transaction. For a check, it costs approximately $0.25. For a Debit card (Visa or Master Card), it costs approximately 2.5% of the total gift + $0.50. There are a few other small costs in the process of depositing with our bank (Suntrust Bank).
    • You may elect to offset our costs when you make an online donation by checking the box on the donation page.

How we maintain appropriate financial accountability and keep our donors safe.

Legally, we make sure to comply with all relevant state and federal laws and regulations to safeguard our operations and the public from fraud.

We follow the highest of accounting and reporting standards.

  • Every transaction is verified by two unrelated parties.
  • The people with authority to write checks are bonded (i.e. the money is insured should a fraudulent action take place).
  • Any disbursement follows strict policies to ensure proper documentation and handling of funds.
  • We hire qualified professionals for oversight and undergo strenuous outside agency review and reporting annually.
  • Our Board of Directors and Financial Officer ensure that our financial practices meet the exceptional guidelines of the Charities Review Council and the guidelines of the United Methodist Church General Council of Finance.
  • An Annual Water’s Edge Partnership report, including finance numbers is sent out in the Spring of each year.
  • Our donors receive an annual giving statement.
  • We file financial reports as required by our incorporation as a tax-exempt, nonprofit with the State and Federal governments.