All God’s Children Camp: Make a Difference

Three dates set for ‘All God’s Children Camp’ for children of incarcerated parents
“All God’s Children Camp” provides a week of fun and sanctuary for children, ages 7 to 12, who have an incarcerated mother or father. Camp dates and locations are July 31-Aug. 5 Camp Highroad in Middleburg; Aug. 7-12 Westview on the James in […]

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Lock Sandy up in Prison!

Sandy is going to prison! Nah, she hasn’t been THAT bad.

But she does need your help. She is one of the spiritual directors for an Epiphany Weekend in the Culpeper Juvenile Federal Prison on October 9 – 11th. During that weekend, the team hopes to introduce youth in prison to the incredible love of Jesus […]

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Changing the City?

You’ve heard the stories. Young teen guns down couple. Teenager makes it out of the hood, only to die there. Etc. Is there any end to the violence?

I had an amazing conversation with Rod! He is excited about the impact of global listening and coaching in the inner city and prisons. The premise: If we […]

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