Come, follow me. (Jesus)

We are pursuing Jesus and getting better at following - as we explore and practice what Jesus meant by imitating His life. We won't settle for a life less than extraordinary ... because Jesus leads EXTRAORDINARY lives.

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@ The Living Room (Family on Mission Gatherings)

2 Locations, One Heart to Love People. (More Locations coming this year.)

Each week is slightly different, from sharing dinner & laughter to helping people out in the community to worship or Bible Study. It’s all relaxed, meaningful, inter-generational, and lively! Each community is “slightly” different but the same values are held.

Our 2 Locations are:

  • Baltimore, MD (Fells Point, Patterson Park and Highlands)
  • Norfolk, VA

Chesapeake Bay aerial shot
 Baltimore, MD

When: Tuesdays

Where: This varies … A typical ‘Living Room’ spot is 1806 Bank St., Baltimore, MD 21231 or 113 N. Glover St., Baltimore, MD.   How do I find out this week’s location? By calling or texting, 301-606-6687, or emailing, and ask about the location!

Chesapeake Bay aerial shot
Norfolk, VA

When: Friday gatherings for Learning; Days as announced for serving with the Homeless

Where: Varies. A typical ‘@Living Room’ spot is 4313 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, VA 23508. How do I find out this week’s location? Email,, and ask about the location!

 The Norfolk group just got started and they haven’t organized a calendar yet. It’ll come soon!

What to Expect When You Come to a Family on Mission Gathering!

  • You can expect to be treated like a friend in a casual atmosphere.
  • You can expect a Family Life rhythm in the gathering which balances Up (Pursuing God), In (Encouraging each other), and Out (Helping others, inviting others, praying for others, working with other ‘good work’ programs).
  • You can expect anywhere between a small group to a medium sized group, typically 8 – 20 people.
  • You can expect a fun atmosphere for both kids and adults to be together! When we know what kids are coming, we provide some age appropriate toys. Baltimore doesn’t have many children attend and when they do, they are usually babies or toddlers who stay with us.
  • You can expect a diverse, intergenerational group of people.
  • You can expect to participate as much or as little as you like. No pressure.
  • You can expect to be valued, loved and included.

What’s the order of events in the Living Room gathering usually?

  • The ‘door’ is open about 30 minutes before our Gathering time and people pop in when they get off from work. Many come at the “appointed” hour; a few enjoy coming earlier and unwinding with others.
  • Greeting each other; enjoying friendship and catching up on the week, usually while the cooks prepare or put out the meal.
  • If this is an “Out” night (meaning we are reaching out to help others), this order is very different depending upon the project!
  • Digging in to a meal; some are light and some are heavier. The cooks for the week decide! Both Baltimore and Norfolk include vegetarians and so both places are conscious of providing options!
  • Occasionally, there will be a ‘conversation starter’ with the meal, like “Where was your favorite place to visit in your life?” or “What are you looking forward to this week?” or “What do you hear people talking about in this neighborhood?” *We model questions you can use to ask around your dining table with friends and family as you strive to know others.
  • We occasionally have people joining us via online video! (We have people in our groups who travel and want to be a part as often as they can! Technology makes us able to do this.)
  • A devotion or question starts out some deeper, soul touching teaching, discussion, praying, and/or planning. We engage this process for about 45 minutes but always finish up by 8:15 pm.
  • We pray for each other.
  • Some people stick around to just hang out. Others get up early for work and take off as soon as we’re done.
  • You’ll be asked if you want to be on our “text” or “email” list where we send out “spontaneous” events and remind people of happenings during the week.
Gathering on the Docks in Baltimore


At this time, Water’s Edge does not offer weekly worship services. We do offer periodic & seasonal worship occasionally. Our hope is to offer monthly “Dinner Worship” times this Spring. We’ll let you know!

We partner with:


Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church

Gallery Church Baltimore
Sundays, 11:00 am

3115 Eastern Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224


Wesley Memorial United Methodist
Sundays, 11:00 am

288 E. Little Creek Rd.
Norfolk, Virginia 23505