What’s a Missional Community? (Quick Look)

Missional Community is a newer term. Here are the main differences between “a Typical Church” and a “Missional Community.”

  • A Typical Church can grow as big as it wants to, whereas a missional community is kept below 50 people (a general rule). When there are more than 50 people, we start another Missional Community.
  • A Typical Church is fairly anonymous, i.e. you can come and go without very many people knowing it. A Missional Community is intentionally more interactive and relational minded, like an extended family over for Thanksgiving supper.
  • A Typical Church and Missional Communities take part in similar activities, in that they both follow Jesus Christ, worship, serve others, eat together, share Holy Communion.
  • A Typical Church usually holds “worship services” in a church building, whereas Missional Communities tend to meet in people’s homes or public places like docks, club rooms or restaurants.
  • A Typical Church asks people to serve the “worship service” – primarily (not exclusively), whereas Missional Communities primarily ask their group to serve the community and to ‘disciple’ people.
  • A Typical Church rarely meets organically, i.e. texts everyone and says to meet up at Kisslings Tavern for hangout time. A Missional Community often does that kind of thing.
  • In an ideal world, a vibrant Church would encompass many Missional Communities; and Missional Communities would be the core relational and serving engine/purpose of a church.
  • See our Video of our Missional Communities (from 2013), here.
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